Missile silo

Cold war museum

One unique museum in Lithuania is an old cold war era ballistic missile silo repaired and made for visitors to visit, full of models, exhibitions and stuff alike. This museum is situated near Plokščiai village, Plateliai lake.

Time wayThis runway-like installation shows the cold war years and a current time clock at the bottom.

Grenade launcher AT-4Swedish grenade launcher AT-4 - one of the most common light anti-tank weapons in the world.

Missile silo modelA cut section model of main missile silo.

ProjectilesAll kinds of projectiles: bullets, warheads etc.AK-74The AK-74 assault rifle firstly used in Afghanistan conflict, now common in former Soviet Union countries.

Rifle handleA handle, magazine, trigger of a german rifle G3 GS.Uzi frontendIzraeli Uzi front end.

GyroscopeCrucial part of a ballistic missile – inertial guidance component called gyroscope. This device is used to calculate the location of the missile due to acceleration put on it after leaving a known position.Cold war postersModel of ballistic missile.

Ballistic missile modelA wall with a cold war era propaganda posters.Missile silo personelMannequins showing military silo personnel in a action.

Informative postersInformational posters about first aid, the use of gas masks and other how-tos.

 Equipment frameworkMany things were robbed from silo after soviet personnel abandoned it, including instruments from this framework.
Remains of a generatorHere is what is left of power supply diesel generator. Missile silo wildlifeAnd finally a wildlife in the outside of this silo.


Stone by road

Šilėnai hiking

Šilėnai is a small village located in a western part of Vilnius region a right side of Neris river.

SlipperThis riverside of Neris is polluted by garbage, especially after winter. Rubber slipper hung on a branch.

IMG_1284_01Some animal skull.

IMG_1285A part of packaging of some sort of Beko home appliance.

IMG_1307 Beavers dammed spring which turned into this pond named “eye”.IMG_1313The dam itself.

IMG_1320 Spring signs.IMG_1332_01The spring from a dam then meanders through forest and fields.

IMG_1366Those fields are somehow polluted by oils.

IMG_1369 Outer part of Šilėnai village.IMG_1378According to wiki, village population in 30 years decreased twice and probably this abandoned house is a result.
IMG_1384Wooden church built on 1725 m.

IMG_1385That’s what is left of a full beer can when it is driven over.

IMG_1388Northern side of the village.

Backstage graffiti

Rehabilitation center “Aušveita”

Abandoned center in one very nice place, surrounded by pine forests near Neris river.

Fire hydrant doorFire hydrant door, with a phone number.

Metal construction decoSuch metal and wood construction connecting two buildings acts as a decoration.

MattressOld mattress. Distanced part of this center is inhabited as smoking chimney can be seen through window.

Fluorescent lampsFluorescent lamp leftovers.

Hanger still lifeHanger still life.

Rotten roomBadly rotten room.

Document storageAs usual in such abandoned places – document storage, probably containing sensitive data.

West side building interiorThis west side building first floor also seen better days.

Corridor to kitchenCorridor leading to emptied kitchen.

Boarded doorsBoarded doors.

Empty stair hallEmpty stair hall creates strong echoes.

Tiles ripped offTiles ripped off.