Monthly Archives: November 2012

Misty forest

It was a foggy day straight from the morning and the fog became even denser as we got ready for a trip to some high places in Vilnis. Firstly a visit to a Three Cross mount where the visibility was too poor to see anything. Than we decided to go to Verkiai manor as the fog started to clear away. There I took a shot of surrounding forests as they absorbed fog. EF 55-250 at 250mm f5.6

Sand traveler

This photo was taken during summer 2012 vacation at Lithuanian seashore of Šventoji town. Noticing footprints on a wavy sand of some sort of a bird, I knew I had to take a photo and crouched down, focused and release a shutter. Taken with Helios 44-2, wide open at f2.0

Vilnius palace of sports in autumn

The famous now abandoned Vilnius palace of concerts and sports standing still against the autumn scenery


A lethal mushroom doesnt matter how beautiful it is found lone in a distant grove close by Neris at Kernavė, the medieval capital of Lithuania. Such mushroom isnt uncommon during mushroom gathering season, but is quite rare in late, breezing autumn. Taken with 50mm 1,8 at f2,0

Jaggy peak

A jaggy peak of this lone tree is probably a result of a fierce storm roaring through Kernavė mounds.

Moon between boxes

A small part of Vilnius skyline is taken by these large buildings, of which the highest is 33 stories. Calling them skyscrapers would probably be wrong, but such structures aren’t common in Lithuania.


Strolling through Vilnius old town narrow alleys, when this old Jaguar caught my eye sitting there in a remote yard. In my opinion this kind of vehicle is much more welcome in such old-time places than some fancy, out of place looking modern expensive cars.