Monthly Archives: January 2013

Buick Regal

The frost didn’t miss this ’75 Buick Regals’ front end and painted it with beautiful snowflake paintings. This model is standing at Belmontas in Vilnius on a small showcase of classic cars.

Bright night

I’ve been looking for a night photography for a long time, but since I sold my kit lens 18-55, I wasn’t able to take wide photos or even focus at dark with nifty fifty as its narrow viewing angle and a lack of focus distance screen completely prevented taking night photographs. Another hard thing is weather – its really rare for a clear sky at night in this winter. Either its cloudy or its not a weekend, because I don’t want to interrupt my work day sleeping hours. This time temperatures went down and skies cleared out, so we decided to go to nearby hills and try our chances. Everything was good, and the forest air wasn’t cold at all. The only one drawback was moon. It was so bright that its light covered smaller stars. I wasn’t able to get even a tiny glimpse of Milky way in long exposure photos, just this kind of city view. Also we realized that even if we are high enough on the hills the city was too close – it also emitted large amounts of light. So our next task is to wait for clear moonless sky and maybe go further away from city.

Rusty firetruck

Russian fire truck ZIL-133 has been out of use for a long time and rusted pretty badly. The petrol pump standing near isn’t doing better either. Only snow and ice preserves their decayed components.


According to wikipedia DAF is a Dutch truck manufacturing company. This steering wheel detail is from military medicine bus.

Winter tank

This weekend I decide to go to Military machinery museum located in Vilnius at Olandų street. The second time. First visit was in summer and wasn’t as interesting, because now in winter it was very cold and no people around, so I could inspect the vehicles more thoroughly, get behind the wheel etc. This museum consists of many military vehicles exhibitions: couple of tanks, armoured personnel carriers, tracked transport vehicles, trucks, medicine buses, SUVs and such. If anyone visits Vilnius and is interested in military I highly recommend to visit this museum.

Snow ripples

This photo continues abstract topic, because at first sight it is hard to understand what the white objects are. Its frozen snow and ice floes floating down the river and in front of them drizzling snow flakes.

Lights map

I rarely take abstracts. This one also wouldn’t be taken if a friend hadn’t show me something. You probably wouldn’t guess what that “something” is.

Lights map zoomed

Its an old graffiti painted on a window, cracked by time and changing temperatures. I have seen this graffiti long ago, but looking into it as a whole is nothing special. Just as you get close to it in person, the interesting patterns shows up. I tried couple variations of this – focused to infinity, so that the further background behind window would be visible through the cracks, but it wasn’t as interesting as these photos are.

Pleasant window sight

Trakai castle is not only surrounded by nice nature sights, but also some harsh looking old abandoned ruins standing just at the shore of the lake. I cannot complain because looking through such opening and seeing the castle accompanied by some rubble and old tires by the wall is truly unique. 

Trakai castle

Frozen lake of Galvė surrounds Trakai island and its castle.

Holy kitty

Installation of the crib in many churches entertains Christian people. It often has such features as live animals, hay, actors, but I can bet – none of them ever had a cat on the crib itself. The kitty is taking a rest just beside the baby Jesus.