In the fog

During the last minutes of 2010 January I took this photo. 2010 01 31 11:55:42 PM to be exact. And this is one of the first best of my photos, just as I started to get used to dslr, having it a little bit more than for one month. I can still remember that late evening. I was about to go to bed, walked to window and took a final peek to the outside through curtains and was quite astonished by this thick fog, so thick that the visibility was 10 meters at most. I hesitated for some time, but then decided to go out. It felt really magical to not be able to see anything further away, the sounds also were somehow strange. There was no sign of living creature, just street lamps and also small moon at the top. Luckily some cars passed by so I was able to photograph lamp traces and make this hazy photograph. As soon as clocks passed midnight, the fog evaporated in minutes.

Fading fog

Walk a dog on a sunset

When I started living in Vilnius in 2011 I continued taking photos. Everything and every place there was new for me. This shot was taken on a nice autumn evening near White bridge (“Baltasis tiltas”) on a field where people fly their kites, walk dogs and even launch full scale hot air balloons. West horizon here consists of Barclays office block, Geležinis Vilkas bridge and television tower. I was lucky enough to catch all this in one shot.

Water wall

A quite old photo from spring 2012 was taken on a Kavarskas hydro power plant, near Anykščiai. In this photo I tried to depict a lone tree in front of some strange cloud/foam-like wall. What it actually is – a view looking downwards to gurgling water sliding from hydro power plant and on top of this water and in the middle of concrete wall somehow little tree growing its branches.

Harp view

Harp or “Arfa” in lithuanian was a huge 29 floor building to be built in Vilnius at 2009, The company building it went bankrupt, so its empty frame has been standing since. The abandoned construction site can be visited by anyone not afraid of warning signs. Vilnius panorama is quite nice form such heights.