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peculiarities of a balcony

We let our cat to the balcony, but he is curious enough to wander off to neighbour balconies as they are connected. There he finds entertainment in lurking for birds. The old, wooden flowerpot where he likes to hide, is seriously rotten and is barely hanging there, but it seems the cat is not bothered.

cat in wooden flowerpot

Holy kitty

Installation of the crib in many churches entertains Christian people. It often has such features as live animals, hay, actors, but I can bet – none of them ever had a cat on the crib itself. The kitty is taking a rest just beside the baby Jesus.

Shot in action

Winter takes its toll, especially in wildlife and one of its results is pictured in this photo. Summer season isn’t too different given the fact of natural selection, but the consequences are often hidden by foliage and other life which is more active in summer. During winter such harsh scene is chained by ice and freezing cold, left for a random passer-by to witness.


Punk fish

According to this photo punks are dead after all. With a little bit of our and some seaweed help this fish body became too much of a rebel. What is new to me is that seaweed, such a bright green color I haven’t seen in real life until now. Taken at Šventoji beach.