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Emporio Armani

Tree in the night

Winter tank

This weekend I decide to go to Military machinery museum located in Vilnius at Olandų street. The second time. First visit was in summer and wasn’t as interesting, because now in winter it was very cold and no people around, so I could inspect the vehicles more thoroughly, get behind the wheel etc. This museum consists of many military vehicles exhibitions: couple of tanks, armoured personnel carriers, tracked transport vehicles, trucks, medicine buses, SUVs and such. If anyone visits Vilnius and is interested in military I highly recommend to visit this museum.

Šilas bridge

I bought Tamron 17-50 f2,8 and had to take some test photos. Finally after almost one year using only >50mm ranges I can shoot at much wider as I did in this photo. A Šilas bridge at winter landscape.

Lentvaris manor

As soon as I saw on TV news that a Lentvaris manor is abandoned and can be visited by anyone, I knew I had to go there. The manor is indeed abandoned and not only its outside is insufficiently watched for, the inside is even worse – everything is cleaned up, empty walls and floor without any trace of antique decorations, everything is filled with shatters and debris.

Misty forest

It was a foggy day straight from the morning and the fog became even denser as we got ready for a trip to some high places in Vilnis. Firstly a visit to a Three Cross mount where the visibility was too poor to see anything. Than we decided to go to Verkiai manor as the fog started to clear away. There I took a shot of surrounding forests as they absorbed fog. EF 55-250 at 250mm f5.6

Jaggy peak

A jaggy peak of this lone tree is probably a result of a fierce storm roaring through Kernavė mounds.

Grybas street


Pale leaves