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Velniakampis observation place on Christmas Eve

Tree in the night

Autumn at Rėva castle mound

Dūkštai escarpment

Autumn colors

Autumn sight

Hill bound


A modest footbridge at lake of Balžys, which is surrounded by pine forest and facing these beautiful, feathery cirrus clouds.

A road to fog

Nocturnal Trakai

This time we took different direction and travelled to Trakai and drove around Galvės lake. First of all visited abandoned buildings near castle, the view wasn’t very special in a night time, so we went to an Užutrakio mansion, which was my biggest aim for that night and I was hoping for some really nice shots. Well, I cannot complain. There I took these photos. One picturing the mansion itself and other one shows Trakai castle from a far and a starry night sky. One thing was new to me – the lake, more accurately the ice emitted some very creepy low-frequency sounds every half a minute. During the day its fine I guess, but in the middle of a night when all senses are heightened its uncomfortable.

Nocturnal Trakai

Neris at Stirniai

That night we set off for abandoned rehab center “Aušveita”. The result wasn’t very pleasing, because not only that one building was occupied and light was coming from the windows, something near it was blinking red, so we thought that the area was guarded. We went around it and down to the Neris riverside, where huge ice debris (aprox. 1,5m in height) was lying. This photo was taken on top of one of those ice blocks. The light on horizon is coming from Vilnius which is ~20km from there.

Walk a dog on a sunset

When I started living in Vilnius in 2011 I continued taking photos. Everything and every place there was new for me. This shot was taken on a nice autumn evening near White bridge (“Baltasis tiltas”) on a field where people fly their kites, walk dogs and even launch full scale hot air balloons. West horizon here consists of Barclays office block, Geležinis Vilkas bridge and television tower. I was lucky enough to catch all this in one shot.

Harp view

Harp or “Arfa” in lithuanian was a huge 29 floor building to be built in Vilnius at 2009, The company building it went bankrupt, so its empty frame has been standing since. The abandoned construction site can be visited by anyone not afraid of warning signs. Vilnius panorama is quite nice form such heights.

Misty forest

It was a foggy day straight from the morning and the fog became even denser as we got ready for a trip to some high places in Vilnis. Firstly a visit to a Three Cross mount where the visibility was too poor to see anything. Than we decided to go to Verkiai manor as the fog started to clear away. There I took a shot of surrounding forests as they absorbed fog. EF 55-250 at 250mm f5.6