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Šilėnai hiking

Šilėnai is a small village located in a western part of Vilnius region a right side of Neris river.

SlipperThis riverside of Neris is polluted by garbage, especially after winter. Rubber slipper hung on a branch.

IMG_1284_01Some animal skull.

IMG_1285A part of packaging of some sort of Beko home appliance.

IMG_1307 Beavers dammed spring which turned into this pond named “eye”.IMG_1313The dam itself.

IMG_1320 Spring signs.IMG_1332_01The spring from a dam then meanders through forest and fields.

IMG_1366Those fields are somehow polluted by oils.

IMG_1369 Outer part of Šilėnai village.IMG_1378According to wiki, village population in 30 years decreased twice and probably this abandoned house is a result.
IMG_1384Wooden church built on 1725 m.

IMG_1385That’s what is left of a full beer can when it is driven over.

IMG_1388Northern side of the village.