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Northern Utena nightsky

In the weekend we took a trip to my home town Utena. The weather was perfect – cold and freezing wind, clear skies. In city area sky was polluted by lights, but not that much as in capital Vilnius. Near northern city limits I took one photo depicting little house against starry sky. Then we drove a bit further away from city to Sudekiai village. 10km from Utena makes a huge difference in amount of light pollution. Milky way is even visible to naked eye here, not talking about camera sensor, which sensitivity I bumped to 5000. It was a great time to test ISO. I’m not a fan of high values but I had to try and I can say I was surprised. Being able to compare to much older and lower class camera 450d – the noise levels at 1600 were much higher than 60d 5000, heck – even 12800, which is not recommended, is not that bad if no post-work is involved.

Starlit house

Bright night

I’ve been looking for a night photography for a long time, but since I sold my kit lens 18-55, I wasn’t able to take wide photos or even focus at dark with nifty fifty as its narrow viewing angle and a lack of focus distance screen completely prevented taking night photographs. Another hard thing is weather – its really rare for a clear sky at night in this winter. Either its cloudy or its not a weekend, because I don’t want to interrupt my work day sleeping hours. This time temperatures went down and skies cleared out, so we decided to go to nearby hills and try our chances. Everything was good, and the forest air wasn’t cold at all. The only one drawback was moon. It was so bright that its light covered smaller stars. I wasn’t able to get even a tiny glimpse of Milky way in long exposure photos, just this kind of city view. Also we realized that even if we are high enough on the hills the city was too close – it also emitted large amounts of light. So our next task is to wait for clear moonless sky and maybe go further away from city.