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This is one of the first videos I’ve taken so its not HD and is a little bit shaky. Continuing food topic, now we are making some hamburgers for a first time. Kitty joins us in a process.

Shashlik cooking process

This is quite an old video from last summer, its just only now I decided to montage it. Video shows how turkey shashlik is cooked – from burning wood and charcoal to roasting meat and serving it.

Last signs of winter

Couple of weeks ago we went to a Saidės sightseeing path, where we found slowly melting snow and ice near a Moluvenė streamlet, which runs into bigger Neris river. This path is special in one thing – to get to it you have to go through abandoned rehab camp, whose one building is inhabited by people.

Šventoji seashore

Some scenes of seashore nature seen at Šventoji, Lithuania. Not only sea waves, but also dune grass against the blue summer sky and lastly a red lit sun set.