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Neris winter ducks

Rubikiai lake

Evening gradient

After spending an evening near Šventoji bridge we went for a last walk on a beach.

Šventoji bridge

Sand ripples

Orange buoy

Boats in Trakai

Water wall

A quite old photo from spring 2012 was taken on a Kavarskas hydro power plant, near Anykščiai. In this photo I tried to depict a lone tree in front of some strange cloud/foam-like wall. What it actually is – a view looking downwards to gurgling water sliding from hydro power plant and on top of this water and in the middle of concrete wall somehow little tree growing its branches.

Šventoji seashore

Some scenes of seashore nature seen at Šventoji, Lithuania. Not only sea waves, but also dune grass against the blue summer sky and lastly a red lit sun set.

Sunset bridge