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Vilnius meat factory

This time we decided to visit an old meat factory situated in Vilnius southern industrial district. This place isn’t very popular among explorers so we really didn’t knew what we gonna find there. But now I can confirm, that it is worth the visit. The buildings have seen better days, but still you can find some interesting stuff there.

Empty doorwayEmpty doorway in an office building near main gates.

1994 calendarA calendar of ’94 showing that time politicians on a Christmas tree.

Rubble floorMost of the buildings in area, have been visited by iron thieves who steal iron beams that hold walls intact. That is why some of these buildings upper floors have collapsed to ground level.

ammoniacal pipeline schemeTitled “ammoniacal pipeline scheme” displays how once machinery was constructed. On the right side of billboard there is a scheme called “sanitary slaughter plan”.

Crumpled bookA crumpled technical book, showing a section of some sort of machinery.

Glass block windowA glass block window with a paint peeling off the wall.

Rusted exit signRusted exit sign.

Some kind of liquid meterSome kind of liquid meter.

Cooperative "Nivelyras"A document for a Cooperative named “Nivelyras”, which translated means spirit level.

Safety helmet on a project schemeSafety helmet on a project scheme. Office buildings are full of such schemes, technical books, factory operational data and so on.

Plastic shavingsA rick of plastic shavings.

Meat factory still lifeMeat factory still life.

Gas mask with its trunk hangingOld gas mask with its trunk hanging.

Room with a closetRoom with an empty closet.

Orange gradientOrange paint gradient of a window barricaded from outside by a roof slate.

Statistical bookSome statistical data book.

Remains of a butterflyProbably the only sign of a life form there, are these remains of a butterfly.

ERA-204Front plate cover of a vintage radio called ERA-204. These radios production started at 1985.

Broken open fridgeBroken open fridge.

Gas mask on a snowGas mask with a filter on a snow.

Steam frostThick frost of a steam coming from a sewer hole.