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Cold war museum

One unique museum in Lithuania is an old cold war era ballistic missile silo repaired and made for visitors to visit, full of models, exhibitions and stuff alike. This museum is situated near Plokščiai village, Plateliai lake.

Time wayThis runway-like installation shows the cold war years and a current time clock at the bottom.

Grenade launcher AT-4Swedish grenade launcher AT-4 – one of the most common light anti-tank weapons in the world.

Missile silo modelA cut section model of main missile silo.

ProjectilesAll kinds of projectiles: bullets, warheads etc.AK-74The AK-74 assault rifle firstly used in Afghanistan conflict, now common in former Soviet Union countries.

Rifle handleA handle, magazine, trigger of a german rifle G3 GS.Uzi frontendIzraeli Uzi front end.

GyroscopeCrucial part of a ballistic missile – inertial guidance component called gyroscope. This device is used to calculate the location of the missile due to acceleration put on it after leaving a known position.Cold war postersModel of ballistic missile.

Ballistic missile modelA wall with a cold war era propaganda posters.Missile silo personelMannequins showing military silo personnel in a action.

Informative postersInformational posters about first aid, the use of gas masks and other how-tos.

 Equipment frameworkMany things were robbed from silo after soviet personnel abandoned it, including instruments from this framework.
Remains of a generatorHere is what is left of power supply diesel generator. Missile silo wildlifeAnd finally a wildlife in the outside of this silo.


Energy and Technology Museum

Is a one of my favorite museums, full of interesting tech stuff: starting with steam turbines, control rooms and ending with antiquarian cars and motorcycles.

Turbine hall floor cut throughTurbine hall floor cut through to the basement, viewed from second floor.

Ignalina nuclear power plant  modelTurbine hall also has several power plant models like this Ignalina nuclear power plant and its RMBK Chernobyl-like reactor.

Kruonis pumped storage power plant modelAnd this Kruonis pumped storage power plant model.

Entrance hall art installationEntrance hall greets visitors with art installations and photographs.

Control faceNext to turbine hall is a control room full of indicators and switches.

Time relayOld soviet era time relay.

Stairs to basement floorStairs leading to basement floor.

Kerosene lampsBasement also holds the kerosene lamps display.

TelefunkenAnd some old German “Telefunken” radios.

Telefunken vacuum tubeTelefunken vacuum tube.

Vintage keypadsSecond floor also houses old tv and cash registers/calculators and other vintage stuff.

GearsGear works of some kind of mechanism.

Vilnius synthesizerThis one kinda surprised me, old “Vilnius” synthesizer.

Radio scaleRadio scale with radio station names.

Vintage decorated roomVintage soviet style decorated room.

Heidelberg pressHeidelberg press emblem.

Press stampPress stamp with Lithuanian coat of arms.

Circular meterSome sort of circular meter.

Jacobs ladderThird and second floor has many interactive contraptions, like this Jacobs ladder.

Car modelsThe museum has an additional hangar, with vehicle display.

Skoda trolleyOld Skoda trolley documents and instruction.


Old carsOld cars display with a favorite BMW 327 model.

zaporozec 968mFrontend of a Zaporozech 968M.

MotorcyclesMotorcycle display with a racing one in front.