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Autumn at Rėva castle mound

Dūkštai escarpment

Autumn colors

Vilnius night

Autumn equinox

Neris at Stirniai

That night we set off for abandoned rehab center “Aušveita”. The result wasn’t very pleasing, because not only that one building was occupied and light was coming from the windows, something near it was blinking red, so we thought that the area was guarded. We went around it and down to the Neris riverside, where huge ice debris (aprox. 1,5m in height) was lying. This photo was taken on top of one of those ice blocks. The light on horizon is coming from Vilnius which is ~20km from there.

Snow ripples

This photo continues abstract topic, because at first sight it is hard to understand what the white objects are. Its frozen snow and ice floes floating down the river and in front of them drizzling snow flakes.

Jaggy peak

A jaggy peak of this lone tree is probably a result of a fierce storm roaring through Kernavė mounds.