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Northern Utena nightsky

In the weekend we took a trip to my home town Utena. The weather was perfect – cold and freezing wind, clear skies. In city area sky was polluted by lights, but not that much as in capital Vilnius. Near northern city limits I took one photo depicting little house against starry sky. Then we drove a bit further away from city to Sudekiai village. 10km from Utena makes a huge difference in amount of light pollution. Milky way is even visible to naked eye here, not talking about camera sensor, which sensitivity I bumped to 5000. It was a great time to test ISO. I’m not a fan of high values but I had to try and I can say I was surprised. Being able to compare to much older and lower class camera 450d – the noise levels at 1600 were much higher than 60d 5000, heck – even 12800, which is not recommended, is not that bad if no post-work is involved.

Starlit house