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Belmontas in Vilnius has many sightseeing places and features. This time I was interested in watery ones, because I wanted to test out new neutral density x8 and polarizer filters. It came not too bad and I will probably be using them as much as I can.



Also, I started using new raw development software called Darktable. It is linux-only and will help me in the process of getting rid of Microsoft from my workflow. Darktable is very similar to lightroom and even has more functions.

Belmontas dam closeup

Last signs of winter

Couple of weeks ago we went to a Saidės sightseeing path, where we found slowly melting snow and ice near a Moluvenė streamlet, which runs into bigger Neris river. This path is special in one thing – to get to it you have to go through abandoned rehab camp, whose one building is inhabited by people.

Water wall

A quite old photo from spring 2012 was taken on a Kavarskas hydro power plant, near Anykščiai. In this photo I tried to depict a lone tree in front of some strange cloud/foam-like wall. What it actually is – a view looking downwards to gurgling water sliding from hydro power plant and on top of this water and in the middle of concrete wall somehow little tree growing its branches.